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June 14 2018

Today in History for 14th June 2018

June 13 2018


Why Rescued Kangaroo Joeys Need Handmade Pouches

Orphaned joeys need care 24/7, as they would in a mother’s pouch—here's how caregivers mimic the marsupial experience.

Mars Rover Powers Down During Dust Storm—But It's Not Dead Yet

A huge dust cloud has swallowed up a quarter of the red planet's surface, threatening NASA's Opportunity rover.

5 Surprising Raccoon Superpowers

Though many see them as pests, these masked bandits have some pretty surprising skills.

Evian and Loop Industries: Starting a Revolution in Plastic Recycling

An innovative recycling method invented in a garage is offering a solution to plastic waste.

The West Antarctic Ice Sheet Seems to Be Good at Collapsing

As it shrinks, sea level rises—and a new study finds it shrank dramatically even when Earth was not as warm as today.

These Soft, Magnetic Robots May One Day Crawl Inside Your Body

Researchers think the robots could perform a number of medical treatments like delivering medication or taking samples.

Ancient Native American King's House Rediscovered in Florida

Known from Spanish records, the once-lost structure belonged to Caalus, ruler of an indigenous people famous for resisting colonial missionaries.

In Poland, ‘a Narrow Window to Do Justice’ for Those Robbed by Nazis

Miriam Tasini and her sister, Alisa Sorkin, were toddlers in 1940 when they were loaded onto cattle cars bound for a gulag in Siberia, just two of the one million Polish citizens, including 200,000...

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AP World History gets a makeover, and high school teachers rebel

High school history teachers are in revolt over the alteration of a widely taught Advanced Placement course that they say threatens to present a skewed, Eurocentric history of the world to thousands...

HNN aggregates news related to history and relevant current events.

32 Astonishing Photos From a Career Spent Underwater

Photographer David Doubilet sets out to astound people with his images—and inspire conservation. See how in this retrospective photo gallery.
Today in History for 13th June 2018

These Communities Turn Discarded Fishing Nets Into Carpets

Explorer Heather Koldeway is helping people in the Philippines and beyond clean up ocean plastic, starting with ghost nets.

June 12 2018


Thousands of Tiny Red Crustaceans Strand on California Beach

Roughly the size of your thumb, pelagic red crabs are not true crabs.

Where Women Must Defy the Odds to Become Scientists

In their new documentary, Clare Fieseler and Gabby Salazar explore the lives of women working in science despite intense cultural and social barriers.

8 International Soccer Legends Uncover Their Roots

In anticipation of this summer’s tournament, MyHeritage teamed up with eight international soccer (AKA football!) legends to help them discover their roots. We revealed their DNA ethnicity results and helped them learn more about their family histories to see whether, beyond national rivalries, there’s more that unites us than divides us.

Representing some of the greatest national soccer teams from around the world, Gilberto Silva (Brazil), John Barnes (England), Lothar Matthäus (Germany), Clarence Seedorf (Holland), Hernán Crespo (Argentina), Robert Pires (France), Gianluca Zambrotta (Italy), and Luis García (Spain) met in London to reflect on their heritage, their careers, and what playing for their national teams meant to them.

Things took a more personal turn when the players received their MyHeritage DNA results. We revealed to the players their ethnicity results, information about their DNA Matches, as well as family history research with historical records and photos of their ancestors.

Get a sneak peek of their discussion, moderated by renowned sports presenter Kelly Cates.

You can learn more about the players, their surprising ethnicity results, and their incredible family history discoveries on the special Football DNA website we’ve launched today to showcase this project. There you will be able to view the full documentary, behind the scenes footage, and one-on-one videos with each of the players.


When Hitler met Hoover

Related Link Historic Handshakes: Past Presidential Summits (WSJ) [Shaking] dictators' bloodied hands is very presidential behaviour. Every modern American commander-in-chief, from Franklin...

HNN aggregates news related to history and relevant current events.

Dinesh D'Souza's next film to draw comparisons between Trump and Lincoln

Conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza, who was recently pardoned by President Trump, is making comparisons for his next film between the Democratic resistance to Trump and how Democrats didn’t...

HNN aggregates news related to history and relevant current events.

These Fish Keep Forests Alive—And Fishing Threatens Them

Scientists have found that many South American forests rely on large fish to transport their seeds—and that may put them at risk.
Today in History for 12th June 2018
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