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June 15 2017

Today in History for 15th June 2017

Supercentenarians and the Secret to Longevity

It is estimated that there are currently between 150-600 supercentenarians — people who have reached the age of 110 — alive in the world. The exact number is unknown because not all of them are known to researchers, and many have not had their age authenticated by an organization specializing in age validation.

In April 2017, Italian supercentenarian Emma Morano died at the ripe age of 117 years and 137 days. She the last living person verified as having been born in the 1800s. She also held the title of the oldest Italian person ever, the second oldest European person ever, and one of the five verified oldest people ever.

She was the eldest of seven siblings and survived them all. Most scientists claim that the secret to longevity lies primarily in ones’ genes, but she believed it was her daily diet, recommended to her by her doctor, that made all the difference.

For most of her life, Emma ate three eggs a day, two of them raw. She began this diet when her doctor diagnosed her with anemia after World War II. She rarely ate fruit or vegetables and preferred meat.

Her doctor, Carlo Bava said,

When I met her, she ate three eggs a day, two in the morning and then an omelet at noon, then she ate chicken at dinner.

Emma left her husband, who mistreated her, throwing him out of the house after their baby passed away at 6 months old.

In a 2015 interview, Dr. Bava was quoted saying

She left her husband in a fascist time when women were very submissive. She was always very decisive.

Emma worked until 75, first in a bag factory, and later in a hotel. She lived in the same, one-room apartment for 20 years.

She leaves behind the new oldest living person in the world — Violet Brown of Jamaica, born March 10, 1900. Nicknamed ”Aunt V,” Violet is the last known living subject of Queen Victoria, the British monarch who died January 22, 1901. Violet was then 10 months old.

Violet claims that there is no secret formula to her long life. In a recent interview, she said:

Really and truly, when people ask what I eat and drink to live so long, I say to them that I eat everything, except pork and chicken, and I don’t drink rum and dem tings.

Do you have any long-living family members in your family tree? Let us know in the comments below!

June 14 2017

Two-Headed Porpoise Found For First Time
Spider Catches Prey by Shooting Webs
UN Announces 23 New Nature Reserves While U.S. Removes 17
Watch a Cougar Take Down a Deer in Rare Video
Why These Adorable Baby Raccoons 'Adopted' a Fisherman
Rare Otter Fossil Found in the Mexican Desert
'8th World Wonder' May Lie Below Volcanic Lakeshore
Best View of Saturn's Rings Until 2032—How to See It

Plan to Save World's Most Trafficked Mammal Ignites Debate

Six zoos and one nonprofit have teamed up to breed pangolins before it’s too late—but critics say the scaly African creatures will likely die in captivity.

How the Saudi-Qatar Rivalry, Now Combusting, Reshaped the Middle East

Few countries have ever grown from client state to regional power. Qatar managed it in just a few years.

Mosul’s library without books

A first person account.

Before Loving v. Virginia, another interracial couple fought in court for their marriage

It was in 1874. The couple? Andrew Kinney, a black man, and Mahala Miller, a white woman.

America's lynching history is now online

A groundbreaking study on lynching published 2 years ago can now be examined in detail thanks to Google.

Trump's disapproval hits 60%

Trump's rating is lower than any of these presidents:  FDR, Ike, JFK, LBJ, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Clinton, Obama. 
Today in History for 14th June 2017
Massacre Survivors Cling to Life in Giant Swamp

June 13 2017

Highlights From Jamboree 2017
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